Our Mission

Empowering you to connect with yourself and your community through self-care

Self Care for the Soul

Whether it’s shipping your products within 48 hours or showing up for you with self-care tips & motivation.

We’re more than a business, we’re empowering women & caregivers to take a break & enjoy the self-care they need & deserve.

Candles are smash tested and we only ship products we’re 100% proud of. If we wouldn’t gift it to our mother, we wouldn’t send it to you. 

We’re ourselves so you can be yourself, too. All ingredients are on the label. We have nothing to hide - quirky pride. 

Your Self Care is OUR Priority

Connecting a Community 

Smash-Proof Guarantee

Transparency & Authenticity ALWAYS 

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About Us

We offer our customers the best selection of beautifully packaged handmade spa gifts aimed to inspire you to do what makes your soul happy. We have combined a love of crafting and my passion for helping others into the ultimate source of the best health and beauty products in the market. We are advocates of women's empowerment! Inspiring them to add themselves to their normal to do list and giving them the products and self-care tips to accomplish that. Join our self-care movement. Connect and Empower Up!