5 Self Care Tips for Busy Moms

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

In this world of social media, zoom meetings, and social distancing it can be hard to find a sweet spot to incorporate some time for self-care. Most moms are busy ensuring the kid's lunches are packed for school, making sure they're not late for their zoom classes, or making sure they arrive to work on time. Multitasking is one of our superpowers at least when it comes to taking care of other things and other people. Many times, we tend to place ourselves on the back burner, saying “Oh I’ll get around to it; maybe tomorrow”, but the reality is tomorrow never comes. There’s always another project or issue that fills in the time we planned to take for ourselves. This is why I have come up with this list of 5 ways to incorporate self-care into our busy lives.

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1. Wake up earlier

Waking up ten minutes earlier than normal gives you time to do some deep breathing exercises before starting your day. It also gives you time to repeat some much needed positive affirmations that will get you through the busy week you have ahead.

2. Invest in You

Don’t skip on the pamper products! If you work hard you should play hard too. Invest in your favorite spelling bath treats and shower treats. Candles are also a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere, before you know it, you will have created a space of your own with all the things that relax you.

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3. Ask for Help

It’s ok to say you need help. That may come in the form of older children or a spouse. You can ask them to take care of dinner or dishes while you take bath, write in your journal, or do some positive affirming before bed. You'll find most people will help out if asked. I know you; 're so use to taking care of other people's needs. This may feel weird to ask at first, but I believe in you. Like Nike says, "Just do it".

4. Start Your Bedtime Routine Earlier

Taking a soak before bed if even for 10 minutes and can transform your mood and lighten your stress load. Lighting scented candles and listening to music has proven to be a mood changer and a powerful relaxation method.

5. Just say “No”

Saying no more often can be a game-changer. Try not to pile too much on too your plate so often. Leave room to take a much-needed break. We know you are the go-to person for advice, party planning, and paperwork, but you have to set boundaries. When you continue to meet the needs of others while ignoring your own needs you will become overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious.

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