Why This Year Will be the Year of the Sugar Scrub

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

2020 was one of the craziest years the world has ever experienced. The global pandemic that shook the globe left people quarantining at home, spending holidays alone, and wondering what was in store for the future. While 2020 was awful in many regards, it has led to some fantastic trends, and self-care remedies, particularly the popularity of sugar scrubs.

With 2021 just around the corner, we need a year that is as equally positive as 2020 was negative which is why 2021 will be the year of the sugar scrub.

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Out with the old in with the BLEU!

We all need a way to bounce back.

Last year has left many of us feeling the strain of mentally fatigued, due to our change in travel and social patterns. Stress can leave our mind and bodies in a state of shock. It is my belief that if you feel good inside that light will shin through to the outside. We can get our perk back by taking the time to indulge in a little selfcare. Yes, we all could use a little nudge to bounce back! Sugar scrubs are a fantastic way to feel great, look better, and revitalize your skin. Using a sugar scrub will:

· Promote smooth skin.

· Detoxify and protect your skin.

· Exfoliate to brighten and rejuvenate skin.

· Help eliminate ingrown hairs.

· Reduce acne and improve complexion.

And that’s exactly what we all need right now. Get rid of old habits, old mindsets, and enjoy a new way of thinking, and living. Daily Selfcare ill allow you time each day to reflect of the most important things in life, and yes, my friend you are at the top of that list. Without you the world would not spin quite as nice. Stop, take a break, and get your glow back! Exfoliate, Relax, Repeat.

We know the importance of self-care from home.

Sugar scrubs do more than just improve skin, though—they are an inexpensive way to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home. If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s to be prepared for anything, including sitting at the house for weeks or months at a time. Not knowing when your next trip to a spa might be, having what you need to take care of your skin at home is essential.

Sugar scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your skin and take a much needed timeout for yourself. Sugar Scrubs are a win win for rejuvenation. Rejuvenate your skin and my mind at the same time. Get spa like results while using natural ingredients for the comfort of your home.

Sugar scrubs are great, and we need something great.

A sugar scrub is a simple way to feel better and get clearer, healthier skin, and that’s what we need as we enter a new year. Sugar scrubs are designed to detoxify your skin and give your skin back its natural glow. So scrub off last year and enter 2021 feeling fresh and hydrated with one of our all-natural sugar scrubs available in a variety of options such as coconut lime, sugar cookies, raspberry vanilla, and more. We want you to get your start year started right. Use this coupon code to get 30% off any sugar scrub. CODE: SCRUBME


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